SDAEP History

The idea of an organization was first discussed in early 1990, at an October 3, 1990 Environmental Consultant Workshop held by the Petroleum Release Compensation Fund. Interested persons met after the workshop and agreed to meet prior to an October 25, 1990 State Rules Hearing. During this meeting several organizational items were discussed. The group agreed to meet again during the Department of Environment and Natural Resources April 1991 Groundwater Quality Conference.

During the April 1991 meeting an Organizational Committee was formed. The committee included Allen Scott, Roger Hodson, Kurt Slentz, Larry Greff and Dan Hanson. The committee reviewed several items including dues structure, membership, bylaws and purpose. A luncheon organizational meeting was held on March 18, 1992 during the DENRs Groundwater Quality Conference. Approximately 40 persons attended the meeting. Preliminary bylaws for the organization were adopted and an acting board of directors was appointed. A tabulation of past board members is included below.

A Sioux Falls Law Firm, Davenport, Evans. Hurwitz & Smith donated time to establish the organization as a non-profit corporation. The Articles of Incorporation were filed with the Secretary of State and a Certificate of Incorporation as a Non-profit was issued on April 29, 1992. The SDAEP’s first newsletter was issued in September 1992.

The association has been actively involved in a number of issues. The SDAEP helped write the rules for certification of Petroleum Release Assessors and Remediators, provided comments that were taken into account during changes to the Administrative Rules, provided information and comments to help establish policy or change policies of the DENR and PRCF, and testified during legislative hearings.

SDAEP Bylaws - As amended March 19, 2013.

SDAEP Board Member History

1992-1993  1993-1994  1994-1995 
Dan Hanson -Pres.  Kurt Slentz-Pres.  Dale Braue-Pres. 
Roger Hodson-VP  Tim Kenyon-VP  Roger Hodson-VP 
Kurt Slentz-Sec.  Mike Meyer-Sec.  Mike Meyer-Sec. 
Dave Pfahler-Tres.  Dave Pfahler-Tres.  Dave Pfahler-Tres. 
Allen Scott  Roger Hodson  Kurt Slentz 
Dale Braue  Dan Hanson  Dan Hanson 
Larry Greff  Dale Braue  John Lawson 
1995-1996  1996-1997  1997-1998 
Dan Hanson -Pres.  Mitch Kannenberg -Pres.  Mike Meyer-Pres. 
Mike Meyer-VP  Fred Carl-VP  Kevin Tveidt-Sec. 
Mitch Kannenberg -Sec.  Ed Striebel-Sec.  Ed Striebel-Tres. 
Kevin Tveidt-Tres.  Kevin Tveidt-Tres.  Barb Nielsen 
Roger Hodson  Jay Gilbertson  Fred Carl 
Fred Carl  Barb Nielsen  Mitch Kannenberg 
Ed Striebel  Dan Hanson  Cary Pieterick 
1998-1999  1999-2000  2000-2001 
Ed Striebel-Pres.  Barb Nielsen-Pres.  Dan Hanson -Pres. 
Barb Nielsen-VP  Mitch Kannenberg -Sec.  Ed Striebel-VP 
Mike Meyer-Sec.  Bob Miller-Tres.  Mitch Kannenberg -Sec. 
Bob Miller-Tres.  Ed Striebel  Bob Miller-Tres. 
Cary Pietrick  Mike Meyer  Tim Kenyon 
Vallerie Keller  Doyle Shaff  Barb Nielsen 
Doyle Shaff  Tim Kenyon  Doyle Shaff 
2001-2002  2002-2003  2003-2004 
Mitch Kannenberg -Pres.  Ed Striebel-Pres.  Dan Hanson -Pres. 1 
Ed Striebel-VP  Jim Hein-VP  Barb Nielsen-VP 
Tim Kenyon-Sec.  Tim Kenyon-Sec.  Jim Hein-Sec. 
LJ Hansen-Tres.  LJ Hansen-Tres.  LJ Hansen-Tres. 
Jim Hein  Barb Nielsen  Barb Nielsen 
Barb Nielsen  Dan Hanson  Ed Striebel 1 
Dan Hanson  Mitch Kannenberg  Mitch Kannenberg 
2004-2005  2005-2006  2006-2007 
Mitch Kannenberg -Pres. 2  Mitch Kannenberg -Pres. 1  Tracy Michel -Pres. 
Barb Nielsen -VP  Byron Scholtz-VP 1  Byron Scholtz-VP 
Jim Hein -Sec. 1  Jim Hein-Sec.  Jim Hein-Sec . 
Tracy Michel -Tres. 1  Tracy Michel -Tres.  Mitch Kannenberg-Tres. 
LJ Hansen 1  LJ Hansen  LJ Hanson 
Dan Hanson  Dan Hanson  Dan Hanson 1 
Ed Striebel  Ed Striebel  Ed Striebel 1 
2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010
Tracy Michel -Pres.  Bob Miller-Pres.  Bob Miller-Pres. 
Mitch Kannenberg-VP  Mitch Kannenberg-VP  Mitch Kannenberg-VP 
Jim Hein-Sec .  Jim Hein-Sec .  Jim Hein-Sec . 
Dan Hanson-Tres.  Tracy Michel-Tres.  Tracy Michel-Tres. 
Ed Streibel Dan Hanson  Dan Hanson 
Bob Miller  Bob Morrison  Bob Morrison 
Bob Morrison Gary Haag  Gary Haag 
2010-2011 2011-2012 2012-2013
Bob Miller-Pres.  Bob Miller-Pres.  Melissa Fahy-Pres. 
Mitch Kannenberg-VP  Bob Morrison-VP  Bob Morrison-VP 
Jim Hein-Sec .  Jim Hein-Sec .  Jim Hein-Sec . 
Tracy Michel-Tres.  Tracy Michel-Tres.  Tracy Michel-Tres. 
Dan Hanson  Dan Hanson  Alan Bakeberg 
Bob Morrison  Melissa Fahy  Bob Miller 
Gary Haag  Gary Haag  Gary Haag-1 
2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016
Melissa Fahy-Pres.  Melissa Fahy-Pres. -1 Bob Morrison - Pres.
Bob Morrison-VP  Bob Morrison-VP -1  Alan Bakeberg - VP-1
Jim Hein-Sec . -1  Jim Hein-Sec .  Jim Hein - Sec.
Tracy Michel-Tres.-1 Tracy Michel-Tres. Tracy Michel - Tres.
Alan Bakeberg  Alan Bakeberg  Bob Miller
Bob Miller -1  Bob Miller  Gary Haag-1
Gary Haag Gary Haag Melissa Fahy
2016-2017 2017-2018 2018-2019
Bob Morrison-Pres.   Alan Bakeberg-Pres. Gary Haag - Pres.
Alan Bakeberg VP  Stevie Holmes- Secr. Stevie Holmes - VP
Stevie Holmes Secr.-1  Linda Watts -Treas. Linda Watts - Treas.
Linda Watts Treas.-1  Bob Miller Colin Chatterton - Sec.-1
Bob Miller -1  Gary Haag - VP Bob Miller
Gary Haag Brett Schutte-1
Melissa Fahy Bob Prann-1