2018 SDAEP Membership Renewal

When you renew your membership with SDAEP, be sure to check your email for promotional codes to use for the membership discounts on our 8 Hr and 40 Hr Hazwoper courses!

Professional Membership:
Professional membership allows the qualified applicant voting rights in the organization. Professional membership requires: (1) a four-year technical degree and at least one year experience in your area of expertise; or (2) a two-year technical degree and at least three years experience in your area of expertise; or (3) at least seven years combined education and professional experience in your area of expertise. Professional membership is open to all qualified individuals, both in the public and private sector. $40.00/year/person

Associate/Student Membership:
Persons who do not qualify for professional membership but wish to be supportive of the Association. Associate members will not have voting rights. Full-time students in an accredited institution of higher education. $30.00/year/person

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